Tuesday, September 14, 2004


So you wanna see the Melk shake her arse...

Here's how to book your tickets to The Incredible Melk's Booty Pageant:

Email the Kitten Club, including the dates you wish to book, the number of tickets you need, and whether they're full-priced or concession.

Or, book through the Melbourne Fringe.

Melbourne's Queen of White Bourgeois Hip Hop Returns to Her Little Collins Street 'Hood

In association with the 2004 Melbourne Fringe Festival, international rap superstar The Incredible Melk presents a series of exclusive live performances from her much-anticipated second album, Booty Pageant.

The Incredible Melk was once a humble human resources consultant who spent her time and money in and around Little Collins Street, Melbourne. Her critically acclaimed debut album, Wet Wet Rouge, gave voice to a disenfranchised generation of tertiary-educated professional white women. Boosted by the Melk's impudent rhymes, "The Salad Song" and "Let's Be Famous" became cult dancefloor hits.

Still, she hasn't forgotten her roots. Booty Pageant certainly boasts the rambunctious party rhythms that made The Incredible Melk famous, but the album's gritty lyrics come straight from the street - Little Collins Street, that is.

"I know how tough life can get on Little Collins," said The Incredible Melk. "Like when the door staff won't let you into the Champagne Lounge because they say you're too drunk, or when you see some really great boots at Giallo but they've run out of your size."

"I'm shouting out to my homies: the product managers, the investment bankers, the legal secretaries. Just call me Melky from the Block Arcade."

The Melk will showcase her past and future hits at the ultimate Little Collins Street venue – Tony Starr's Kitten Club. Director Linda Catalano has been given the arduous task of keeping the show real for the Melk's fans. Linda has produced, written, directed and performed in several shows for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Melbourne Fringe Festival. In 2003, Linda toured her solo comedy show Claws Out to the famous 'Gilded Balloon' for the Edinburgh Fringe. Linda is currently Bookings and Promotions manager at Tony Starr's Kitten Club and has also recently taken up the position of General Manager at independent theatre venue The Store Room.

The banging beats on Booty Pageant come courtesy of the Melk's regular producer, DJ c-ZA. c-ZA met The Incredible Melk when she complimented him on his distressed Roy jeans and upturned polo shirt collar. They have been making beautiful music together ever since.

"He's so hot right now," said the Melk. "Some Australian-made urban music just imitates overseas trends, but C gives my music a real local sound."

The Incredible Melk's Booty Pageant runs from 22 September 2004 to 10 October 2004 at Tony Starr's Kitten Club, 267 Little Collins Street, Melbourne. Preview shows are at 7pm on Wednesday 22 September and Thursday 23 September. All tickets are $10. Regular shows are on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 7pm, and on Sundays at 6pm. Tickets are $12/$10 concession.

For all enquiries, please email the Melk.


Welcome to Booty Pageant, the blog!

The Incredible Melk's sexy new website, incrediblemelk.com, will soon be up and running, but in the meantime you can get the lowdown here on the upcoming series of live shows at Tony Starr's Kitten Club. More info to follow!

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